All rulings below apply to all teams in the TCAS League 

Trafford Companies All Stars League Specific Rules (By Laws) 

1. Squad submission and allowance

1.1 Maximum squad size allowed for all teams is 32. This includes player/managers. Minimum is 22.
1.2 All players must be registered to their clubs by following the agreed registration
process outlined in the FA Standard Code of Rules using FA Full time. (exempt for 2021 season)
1.3 For all players verification of identity may be requested by the referee or the
league secretary by means of Photo I.D / Date of Birth. A team found to be fielding
non-registered players may be fined and have points deducted as outlined in the FA
Standard Code of Rules and as agreed by the Member Committee.
1.4 For company teams a minimum of 15 players must be employees of the team the company represents. (exempt for 2021 season)
1.5 Random checks may take place by the league secretary on company teams
to ensure all the company players are actual members of staff. Proof can include
email from company email address, work badge/I.D Pass. In order to play company
players must verify themselves as staff if asked.
1.6 Clubs registering players who are under contract at another non-league football club will have all points gained in the fixtures where the player was fielded voided and will be docked 1 league point. The player in question will be removed from the league,
2. Match Day Squad Process
2.1 On match day the secretary of each team must submit the team sheet of up
to 16 players to the referee and the match facilitator no later than 25
minutes before kick off. No allowances for more than 16 players will be accepted.
2.2 If a team cannot field 11 players they can field up to a minimum of 7 players or
forfeit the match as outlined in 2.2.1 below.
2.2.1 If a team cannot field enough players for a match they must give at least 14 days notice or forfeit the match
with the 3 points being awarded to the non-forfeiting team. Default score line
determined by the member committee as 3-0. 
2.2.2 Any team forfeiting a match will still owe the pitch hire fee and the referee wage and will lose their deposit.
2.3 The TCAS Match report form will detail the final score, the scorers, yellow and
red cards, and any Match Day Non Compliance (see ruling 8).
2.3.1 The form will be signed by the match facilitator, the referee, and the
secretary/manager of each team.
2.3.2 The form will be provided to the league secretary no later than 48 hours
after the final whistle.
2.4 Team secretaries will be notified of their allocated changing room at least 45 mins before
kick off by the Match Facilitator. Upon arrival teams will find their changing room
doors labeled with their team name on the TCAS League template. Teams must only
use their allocated changing room. (exempt from 2021 season)
2.5 Prior to kick off the referee will visit each team in the allocated changing rooms
and will conduct the TCAS League pre match referee talk. This will include a check
of shin pads, no jewelry, no metal studs, presence of match balls as well as a player
ID check against the registered TCAS League Registered Players Squad book. The
referee will also introduce himself, brief players on their refereeing style and
their tolerance levels.  (exempt from 2021 season)
2.6 The Match Facilitator will accompany the referee and will collect the team’s
payment at the referee talk. 
2.7 A match must not kick off without the referee talk’s taking place beforehand.
3. The Transfer Window  (exempt from 2021 season)
3.1 All player transfers/removals/additions can only take place during the transfer
window. Teams must submit the TCAS League player transfer form to the league email box for transfers to be processed.
3.2 A transfer/new signing is only deemed as complete when an approval mail is
returned back from the League Secretary to the Team’s secretary.
3.3 A club which loses 2 or more goalkeepers during the season due to long term injury or other unfortuante circumstances may sign a replacement goalkeeper outside
of the transfer window. The original goalkeepers must be removed from the squad. This rule does not apply to outfield players.
3.4 Inter team transfers - Registered players may be transferred between two clubs outside of the transfer window, but only under the following circumstances: A. The Player must agree to the move. B. Recieving team must agree to the move. C. The club to which the player is currently registered must have agreed to the move.  D. The league secretary must be notified of the transfer at least 48 hours before the transferred players next match.
4. Match Day Payment
4.1 Each team must pay the full required amount before kick off at each game to the match facilitator. The Teams Treasurer is responsible for ensuring money is
collected. This can be delegated. Cost is fixed at £80 per team per match. £100 for cup games.
4.2 If a team is fielding less than 11 players the minimum payment still due is £80. Failure to do so will incur a non-compliance point.
5. Team Kit
5.1 Players must wear shin pads, and must not wear metal studs due to the potential
damage metal studs can cause to 3G/4G pitch surfaces. Plastic studs, astro turf
trainers, and blades are fine.
6. Failure to show
6.1 Where a team simply fails to show without notifying the league secretary the 3
points will be awarded to the present team and a fine may be incurred. Score line will be 5-0.
7. Substitutions
7.1 A maximum of 5 substitutes per team are allowed.
7.2 Substitutions are on a 'roll on roll off' basis at various intervals throughout a
match. Substituted players can be substituted back on. For all substitutions to take
place the ball must be out of play and the referee notified of the change.
8. Match Day Non-Compliance Points
In order to ensure a smooth and fair match day operation the TCAS League
Member Committee have agreed to a Match Day Non-Compliance Points System.
There are three Match Day Compliance Rules all clubs must abide to. Failure to
abide leads to clubs being penalised with Match Day Non-Compliance Points.
When a team builds up 5 Match Day Non-Compliance Points (MDNCP’s) they are
deducted 1 point from the league standing.
The match facilitator will keep a record of all Match Day Non Compliances and all
non-compliances are published on the website.
8.1 Players must wear the appropriate kit. Players fielded in a different shirt from
their team will lead to 1 MDNCP per player fielded. A shirt simply of the same colour
will not suffice.
8.2 Both teams must bring two ‘match fit’ footballs to the match and keep them
pitch side ready to be used. Failure to bring two match fit footballs will lead to 1
8.3 Each team to bring a basic first aid kit to the match. No first aid kit will lead to 1 MDNCP.
9. Loss of commitee confidence
At the 2017 AGM it was agreed that teams not giving the league any confidence will be pushed to the members commitee for a vote to take potential action which could result in the team being removed from the league.
9.1 Where the team fields less than 10 men for two games in a row or for three games in total all season.
9.2 Where the team forfeits two matches in a row or forfeits three games in total all season.
The league chairman will call an emergency meeting if a trigger is invoked to determine if the circumstances are extenuating.

10. League title 

10.1 In the event that the top two teams are equal on points at the end of the season the league title will be decided on goal difference.

FA Standard Code of Rules 


1.            (A) This Competition shall be designated the TCAS League

                and known as the Trafford Companies All Stars League and shall consist of not more than 10 Clubs approved by the sanctioning authority.               

                All such Member Clubs must be affiliated to an affiliated County Football Association and their names and particulars shall be returned annually by the appointed date on the Form “D” to the Manchester County Football Association.

                This Competition shall apply annually for sanction to the Manchester Football Association and the constituent teams of Member Clubs may be grouped in divisions, each not exceeding 10 in number.

No more than one team from a Club can participate in the same division.


2.            (A) Applications by new Clubs for admission to this Competition must be made in writing to the Secretary and must be accompanied by an Entry Fee of £75 per team which shall be returned in the event of non-election. This is for new clubs only.

                At the discretion of a majority of the accredited voting members present applications, of which due notice has been given, may be received at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. The Entry Fee shall apply.

                When Rule 12(B) is applied or a team seeks a transfer or is compulsorily transferred to another division no Entry Fee shall be payable.

                (B) The Annual Subscription for existing teams shall be £75 per club payable on or before the 15th March in each year. This is payable to league Chairman/Secretary.

(C) Each new Club shall within 14 days of election pay a Deposit of £25 which shall be returnable to Clubs on leaving the Competition provided they have fulfilled their fixtures and complied with all orders of the Management Committee.

                (D) A Club shall not participate in this Competition until the Entry Fee, Annual Subscription and Deposit have been paid.

                (E) Clubs must advise annually to the Secretary in writing by March 30th of its Manchester County Football Association affiliation number for the forthcoming Season, failing which they shall be fined £10. Clubs must advise the Secretary in writing, or on the prescribed form, of details of its Headquarters, Officers and any other information required by the Competition.


3.            The Officers of the Competition shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting and elected thereat. (N.B. Auditors/Verifiers are not Officers).



4.            (A) The Competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association by a Management Committee comprised of officers and 9 members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. All Participants shall abide by The Football Association Regulations for Safeguarding Children as determined by The Association from time to time.

                (B) Retiring Officers shall be eligible to become candidates for re-election without nomination.  All other candidates for election as Officers or Members of the Management Committee shall be nominated to the Secretary in writing, signed by the Secretaries of two Member Clubs, not later than February 15th in each year.  Names of the candidates for election shall be circulated with the notice of the Annual General Meeting.  In the event of there being no nomination in accordance with the foregoing for any office, nominations may be received at the Annual General Meeting

                (C) The Management Committee shall meet at least quarterly.

                On receiving a requisition signed by two-thirds of the Members of the Management Committee the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Committee.

                (D) Except where otherwise mentioned all communications shall be addressed to the Secretary who shall conduct the correspondence of the Competition and keep a record of its proceedings.

                (E) All communications received from Clubs must be conducted through their nominated Officers.



5.            (A) The Management Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate such of their powers as they deem necessary. 

                (B) Subject to the permission of the Manchester County Football Association having been obtained the Management Committee may order a match or matches to be played each season, the proceeds to be devoted to the funds of the Competition and, if necessary, may call upon each Club (including any Club which may have withdrawn during the season) to contribute equally such sums as may be necessary to meet any deficiency at the end of the season. (See Rule 6(e)).

                (C) Each Member of the Management Committee shall have the right to attend and vote at all Management Committee Meetings and have one vote thereat, but no Member shall be allowed to vote on any matters directly appertaining to such Member or to the Club so represented or where there may be a conflict of interest. (This shall apply to the procedure of any sub-committee).

                In the event of the voting being equal on any matter, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

                (D) The Management Committee shall have powers to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the Competition and shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Competition, including any not provided for in the Rules.

                With the exception of Rules 5(i), 6(h), 10(a), 11 and 19, for all breaches of Rule a formal written charge must be issued. The respondent shall be given seven days from the date of notice to reply to the charge and given the opportunity to:-

                (i)            Accept or deny the charge

                (ii)           Submit in writing a case of mitigation, or

                (iii)          Put their case before the Management Committee.

                All breaches of the Laws of the Game, Rules and Regulations of The Football Association shall be dealt with in accordance with F.A. Rules by the appropriate Association.

                With the exception of Clubs playing at Step 7 of the Football Pyramid and the FA Women’s Premier League, the maximum fine permitted for any breach of a Competition rule is £250 and, when setting any fine, the Competition must ensure that the penalty is proportional to the offence, taking into account any mitigating circumstances.

                (E) All decisions of the Management Committee shall be binding subject to the right of appeal in accordance with Rule 16.

                Decisions of the Management Committee must be notified in writing to those concerned within 14 days

(G) The Management Committee, as it may deem necessary, shall have power to fill in an acting capacity, any vacancies that may occur amongst their number.

                (H) A Club having failed to comply with an order or instruction of the Management Committee, or failing to satisfactorily attend to the business and/or the correspondence of the Competition, shall be liable to be fined or otherwise penalised at the discretion of the Management Committee.

                (I) All fines and charges shall be paid within 14 days of the date of posting of the written notification.

                Any Club failing to do so will be fined a maximum of £50. Further failure to pay the fine including the additional sum within 14 days will result in fixtures being withdrawn until such time as the outstanding payments are settled.

                (K) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur in the membership of the Competition between the Annual General or Special General Meeting called to decide the constitution and the commencement of the Competition season.

                (L) The business of the Competition as determined by the Management Committee shall be transacted by electronic mail.


6.            (A) The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than March 5th

                in each year.  At this meeting the following business shall be transacted provided that at least 7 Members are present and entitled to vote:-

                (i)         To receive and confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting.

(ii)        To consider any business arising therefrom.

(iii)       To receive and adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of


(iv)      Election of Clubs to fill vacancies (as recommended by the Management


(v)       Constitution of the Competition for ensuing season.

(vi)      Election of Officers and Management Committee.

(vii)     Appointment of Auditors.

(viii)    Alteration of Rules, if any (of which notice has been given).

(ix)      Fix the date for the commencement of the season and kick off times applicable to the                 Competitions.

(x)       Other business of which due notice shall have been given and accepted as being relevant to an Annual General Meeting.

B and C relating to audited accounts are missing and cannot be omitted as the content is not contained in Italic.

(D) Each Member club shall be empowered to send two delegates to an Annual General Meeting.  Each Club shall be entitled to one vote only. Fourteen days’ notice shall be given of any Meeting.

(E) Clubs who have withdrawn their Membership of the Competition during the season being concluded or who are not continuing Membership shall be entitled to attend but shall vote only on matters relating to the season being concluded. This provision will not apply to Clubs expelled in accordance with Rule 17.

(F) All voting shall be conducted by a show of voting cards unless a ballot be demanded by at least  5 of the delegates qualified to vote or the Chairman so decides.

(G) No individual shall be entitled to vote on behalf of more than one Member Club.

(H) Any continuing Member Club failing to be represented at the Annual General Meeting without satisfactory reason being given may be fined £15

(I) Officers and Management Committee members shall be entitled to attend and vote at an Annual General Meeting.



7.            The Chairman and the Secretary of each Club shall complete and sign the following agreement which shall be deposited with the Competition together with the Application for Membership for the coming season, or upon indicating that the Club intends to compete.

                "We, A,_____ _____________of _________________________(Chairman) and

                B ________________________of _________________________(Secretary) of the _________________________________Football Club have been provided with a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the ______________________Competition and do hereby agree for and on behalf of the said Club, if elected or accepted into Membership, to conform to those Rules and Regulations and to accept, abide by and implement the decisions of the Management Committee of the Competition, subject to the right of appeal in accordance with Rule 16."

                Any alteration of the Chairman and /or Secretary on the above Agreement must be notified to the Manchester County Football Association(s) to which the Club is affiliated and to the Secretary of the Competition.

                (Note:  The spaces above are intended for the inclusion of the signatures and addresses of officers and members).


8.            (A)(i) Contract players, as defined in Football Association Rules, are not  permitted in this Competition. It is the responsibility of each Club to ensure that any Player signing a registration form for that Club has, where necessary, the required International Transfer Certificate. Clearance is required for any Player aged 12 and over crossing borders including Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

                (ii) While serving in any branch of Her Majesty’s Regular Forces, a player must first obtain the consent of his Association Secretary before signing a registration form to play for a club.

                (B) A registered playing member of a Club is one who, being in all other respects eligible has:-

Provided their full name and date of birth to the club secretary.

                (D) A player having taken part in matches for any Club affiliated to any County Football Association shall not be allowed to join, be transferred to, or sign for a Club in the Competition without first proving to the officials of the intended Club that the player has discharged all reasonable financial liabilities to the previous Club or Clubs, and a Club official may not accept such player's signature without first ascertaining whether such claims have been discharged to the satisfaction of the Club, or Clubs, for which the player last played.

                (E) A fee of £5 shall be paid for each player registered to the clubs secretary.

                Registration forms shall be obtained from the League Chairman.

                (F) The Management Committee shall decide all registration disputes.

                In the event of a player signing a registration form or having a registration submitted for more than one Club priority of registration shall decide for which Club the player shall be registered. The (Registrations) Secretary shall notify the Club last applying to register the player of the fact of the previous registration.

                (G) It shall be a breach of Rule for a player to:-

                       (i)   Play for more than one Club in the Competition in the same season without

                       first being transferred.

                       (ii)  Having signed for one Club in the Competition, sign for another Club in the

                       Competition in that season except for the purpose of a transfer.

                       (iii)  Submit a signed registration form for registration that the player had wilfully

                       neglected to accurately or fully complete.

                (H) (i) The Management Committee shall have the power to accept the registration of any player subject to the provisions of clauses (ii) and (iii) below.

                (ii) The Management Committee shall have power to refuse, cancel or suspend the registration of any player or may fine any player at their discretion, who has been charged and found guilty of registration irregularities. (Subject to Rule 16).

                (iii) The Management Committee shall have power to make application to refuse or cancel the registration of any player charged and found guilty of undesirable conduct (subject to Rule 16) subject to the right of appeal to the FA or the relevant County Football Association.

                Undesirable conduct shall mean an incident of repeated proven misconduct, which may deter a participant from being involved in this Competition. Application should be made to the parent County of the Club the player is registered  or intending to be registered with.

                (iv) For a player who has previously had a registration removed in accordance with clause (iii) but has a registration accepted at the expiry of exclusion will be considered to be under a probationary period of 12 months. Whilst under a probationary period, should the player commit a further act of proven misconduct under the jurisdiction of the Competition, (excluding standard dismissals), the Competition would be empowered to consider a further charge of bringing the Competition into disrepute.

                (Note:  Action under Clause (iii) shall not be taken against a player for misconduct until the matter has been dealt with by the appropriate Association, and then only in cases of the player bringing the Competition into disrepute and will in any case be subject to an Appeal to the Football Association. All decisions must include the period of restriction. For the purpose of this Rule, bringing the competition into disrepute can only be considered where the player has received in excess of 112 days’ suspension, or 10 matches in match based discipline, in a period of two years or less from the date of the first offence for any team playing in this Competition.

                (I) Subject to FA Rule C2(a) dealing with players without a written contract when a player desires a transfer,  the Club the player wishes to transfer to shall submit a transfer form to the League Secretary  accompanied by a fee of £0.00. Such transfer shall be referred by the League  Secretary to the Club for which the player is registered. Should this Club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the League Secretary and to the player concerned within seven days of receipt of the transfer form. Upon receipt of the Club's consent, or upon its failure to give written objection within seven days, the League Secretary may, on behalf of the Management Committee, transfer the player who shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club from such date or 3 days after receipt of such transfer.

                In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for a decision.

                (J) A player may not be registered for a Club nor transferred to another Club in the Competition outside of the transfer window which concludes on June 30th except by special permission of the Management Committee.

                (K) A Club shall keep a list of the players it registers and a record of the games in which they have played, and shall produce such records upon demand by the Management Committee.

                (L) A register containing the names of all players registered for each Club, with the date of registration, shall be kept by the League Secretary and shall be open to the inspection of any duly appointed Member Club representative at all Management Committee meetings or at other times mutually arranged.  Registrations are valid for one Season only.

                In the event of a player without a written contract changing his status to that of a contract player with the same Club, another Club in the Competition or with a Club in another Competition his registration as a player without a written contract will automatically be cancelled and declared void. In order to play in the League again either for his original Club or for another Club it will be necessary for him to be re-registered as required by this Rule.

                (M) A player shall not be eligible to play for a team in any special championship, promotion or relegation deciding match (as specified in Rule 12(A)) unless the player has played 3 games for that team in this Competition in the current season.

                (O)(i) Any team playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player or players shall have the points gained in the match deducted from its total and may be fined and/or otherwise dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee.       

                (ii) In addition the team shall have 3 points deducted from its total at the discretion of the Management Committee and may be dealt with in any further manner which is thought to be fit.

                 (iii) The Management Committee may, at its discretion, award the points available in the match in question to the opponents, subject to the match not being ordered to be replayed.


                (The following Clause applies to Competitions involving players in full-time secondary education):-


                (P) (i)   Priority must be given at all times to school and school organisations activities.


                (ii)  The availability of children must be cleared with the Head Teachers (except for Sunday Leagues).


                       (iii) To play open age football the player must have achieved the age of 16.




9.            (A) Every Club must register the colour of its shirts and shorts with the Secretary by January 30th who shall decide as to their suitability.


                Goalkeepers must wear colours which distinguish them from other players and the referee.


                No player, including the goalkeeper, shall be permitted to wear black or very dark shirts.


                Any team not being able to play in its normal colours as registered with the Competition shall notify the colours in which they will play to its opponents at least 7 days before the match.


                If, in the opinion of the referee, two Clubs have the same or similar colours, the away team shall make the change. Any team not having a change of colours or delaying the kick-off by not having a change shall be fined £10.


                The Secretary of the Competition may request shirts to be submitted if complaints are received as to lack of distinguishing colours, and the Management Committee may refuse to permit any shirts or shorts as they think fit.


                (B) Any Club wishing to change its name and/or colours must obtain permission from its affiliated County Association and from the Management Committee.





10.          (A) The Annual General Meeting shall determine the date for the commencement of the season in accordance with Football Association Rules. Original fixtures arranged by the League Secretary, or at a meeting specially convened for that purpose, to be held no later than February 15th must not be arranged for a date later than seven days preceding the concluding date.

                (B) All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as determined by the International Football Association Board.

                Clubs must take all reasonable precautions to keep their grounds in a playable condition. All matches shall be played on pitches deemed suitable by the Management Committee. If through any fault of the home team a match has to be replayed, the Management Committee shall have power to order the venue to be changed.

                The Management Committee shall have power to decide whether a pitch and/or facilities are suitable for matches in the Competition and to order the Club concerned to play its fixtures on another ground.

                All matches shall have a duration of 90 minutes unless a shorter time (not less than 75 minutes) is mutually arranged by the two captains in consultation with the referee prior to the commencement of the match, and in any event shall be of equal halves.

                The times of kick-off shall be fixed at the AGM. Any Club failing to commence at the appointed time may be fined a sum not exceeding £5 or be otherwise dealt with as the Management Committee may determine (Match Day Compliance Points)

Referees must order matches to commence at the appointed time and must report all late starts to the Competition.

                Both teams must provide at least two footballs fit for play and the referee shall make a report to the Competition if the footballs are unsuitable. Goal nets must be used.

                (C) Except by permission of the Management Committee all matches must be played on the dates originally fixed but priority shall be given to The Football Association and all relevant County Association Cup Competitions. All other matches must be considered secondary. Clubs may mutually agree to bring forward a match with the consent of the (Fixtures) Secretary.

In the case of a revised fixture date, the Clubs must be given by the Competition 5 clear days notice of the match (unless otherwise mutually agreed).

                (D) The League Secretary must give notice via the league website of full particulars of the location of, and access to, the ground and time of kick-off to the match officials and the Secretary of the opposing Club at least 7 clear days prior to the playing of the match. 

                (E) In the event of a Club playing in any match with less than 11 players they shall be fined £2 for each missing player. A minimum of 7 players will constitute a team for a Competition match.

                (F) Home and away matches shall be played. In the event of a Club failing to keep its engagement the Management Committee shall have power to inflict a fine, deduct points from the defaulting Club, award the points from the match in question to the opponents, order the defaulting Club to pay any expenses incurred by the opponents or otherwise deal with them except the award of goals

                Any Club unable to fulfil a fixture must, without delay, give notice to the League Chairman, the Secretary of the opposing Club and the match officials.  Any Club failing to comply shall be dealt with by the Management Committee who may inflict a fine.

                In the event of a match not being played or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it shall be played in its entirety on a date to be mutually agreed by the two Clubs and approved by the Management Committee.  Failing such agreement and notification to the league Secretary within 7 days the Management Committee shall have power to order the match to be played on a named date or on or before a given date.

                The Management Committee shall review all matches abandoned in cases where it is consequent upon the conduct of either or both Teams. Where it is to the advantage of the Competition and does no injustice to either Club, the Management Committee shall be empowered to order the score at the time of the abandonment to stand.  In all cases where the Management Committee are satisfied that a match was abandoned owing to the conduct of one team or its Club member(s) they shall be empowered to award the points for the match to the opponent.  In cases where a match has been abandoned owing to the conduct of both teams or their Club member(s), the Management Committee shall rule all points for the match as void. No fine(s) can be applied by the Management Committee for an abandoned match.

                The Management Committee shall review any match that has taken place where either or both teams were under a suspension imposed upon them by the Association or Affiliated Association. In each case the team that was under suspension would be dealt with in the same manner as if they had participated with ineligible players in accordance with Rule 8(O) above. Where both teams were under suspension the game must be declared null and void.

                (G) A Club may at its discretion and in accordance with the Laws of the Game use rolling substitute players in any match in this Competition who may be selected from 4 players.

                A player who has been substituted himself becomes a substitute and may replace another player at any time subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with Law 3 of the Laws of Association Football

The referee shall be informed of the names of the substitutes not later than 10 minutes before the start of the match.

                A player who has been selected, appointed or named as a substitute before the start of the match but does not actually play in the game shall not be considered to have been a player in that game within the meaning of Rule 8 of this Competition.

                (H) The half time interval shall be of 10 minutes duration, but it shall not exceed fifteen minutes. The half time interval may only be altered with the consent of the referee.

                (I)  The League shall require all club officials to have signed the FA’s Respect Codes of Conduct and produce these if so requested by the League management committee.

                The participating clubs taking part in the fixture shall identify a team captain designated with a captain’s armband who has a responsibility to offer support in the management of the on-field discipline of his/her team mates.




11.          (A) The league Secretary must receive within 1

                day of the date played, the result of each Competition match in the prescribed manner. This must include the forename(s) and surname of the team players in block letters and also the Referee markings required by Rule 13, or any other information required by the Competition. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £0.00 and/or the club being dealt with as the management committee decide.

                (B) The referee shall notify the result of each match to the league secretary.

                (C) The match result notification, correctly completed, shall be signed by a responsible member of each club and the referee. Failure to do so shall result in a fine of £10.



12.          (A) Team rankings within the Competition will be decided by points with 3

                points to be awarded for a win and 1 point for a drawn match. The teams gaining the highest number of points in their respective Divisions at the conclusion shall be adjudged the winners.  Matches must not be played for double points.

                In the event of two or more teams being equal on points team rankings may be decided in any one or more of  the following ways:-

                                      (i)       goal difference

                                      (ii)     goals scored

                                     (iii)  head to head results (chosen by TCAS Commitee)

                (B) Automatic promotion and relegation shall be applied for the first place team

                and last placed team in each Division except as provided for hereunder, subject to the provisions of rule 1(b)

                (i)  Should one or more teams withdraw from any one Division after the fixtures have commenced an equal number of teams to those withdrawing in that Division shall not be automatically relegated.

                (ii) Vacancies occurring after the conclusion of the season may be filled on any of the following ways:

                                      (a) retention of otherwise relegated team(s)

                                      (b) additional promotion of the next ranked team(s) from the Division below

                                      (c) election

                (iii) The last 1 team in the lowest Division shall retire, but be eligible for re-election except as below, and be subject to the conditions of paragraph (B)(1) above.

                (C) In the event of a team not completing 75% of its fixtures for the season all points obtained by or recorded against such defaulting team shall be expunged from the Competition table.



13.          (A) Registered Referees (and Assistant Referees where approved by the FA or County FA) for all matches shall be appointed in a manner approved by the Management Committee and by the sanctioning Association(s).

                (B) In the event of the non-appearance of the appointed Referee the appointed senior Assistant Referee shall take charge and a substitute Assistant Referee appointed by the competing Teams.  In cases where there are no officially appointed Assistant Referees, the Clubs shall agree upon a Referee.   A Referee thus agreed upon shall, for that game, have the full powers, status and authority of a registered Referee.

                (C) Where Assistant Referees are not appointed each Team shall provide a Club Assistant Referee.  Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5 being imposed on the defaulting team

                (D) The appointed Referee shall have power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all matches and the decision shall be final subject to either in the case of a ground of a Local Authority or the owners of a ground, the Representative of that body is the sole arbitor and whose decision must be accepted unless the ground is declared fit for play.

                (E) Subject to any limits/provisions laid down by the sanctioning Association Match Officials appointed under this Rule shall be paid a match fee of £24.

                The Match Facilitator shall pay the Officials their fees immediately after the match.

                (F) In the event of a match not being played because of circumstances over which the Clubs have no control, the Match Officials, if present, shall be entitled to full fee plus expenses/half fee plus expenses/expenses only. Where a match is not played, owing to one Club being in default, that Club shall be ordered to pay the Officials, if they attend the ground, their full fee and expenses.

                (G) A Referee not keeping his or her engagement, and failing to give a satisfactory explanation as to their non-appearance, may be reported to the Association with which he or she is registered.

                (H) Each Club shall, in a manner prescribed from time to time by The Football Association, award marks to the Referee for each match and the name of the Referee and the marks awarded shall be submitted to the Competition on the prescribed Form provided.  Clubs failing to comply with this Rule shall be liable to be fined or dealt with as the Management Committee shall determine.

                (I) The Competition shall keep a record of the markings and, on the Form provided by the prescribed date each season, shall submit a summary to The Football Association/County Association.

                (J) The match facilitator shall submit a report Form, supplied by the Competition, giving the result of the match, the number of players in each team and the time of kick-off to the League Secretary within two days of the match.

                (K) Referees and Assistant Referees shall be supplied, each Season, with a copy of the Competition Rules free of charge.

                (L) Referees and Assistant Referees shall have undertaken a Respect briefing offered by the FA/County FA or the League.




14.          (A) After April 1st in the current Season a Club intending, or having a provisional intention, to withdraw a team from the Competition on completion of its fixtures and fulfilment of all other obligations to the Competition must notify the Secretary in writing by the 30th June each Season or be liable to a fine not exceeding £50

                All Clubs wishing to remain in membership of the Competition for the following Season must confirm their intention to do so, in writing, to the Secretary by November 30th.

                (B) A Club shall not be allowed to withdraw any or all of its teams from the Competition after arrangement of fixtures  for the following Season.

                (i) Any Club infringing this Rule after the fixtures have commenced shall be liable to a fine not exceeding              £50 per team and shall also be liable for its share of any call which may be made under Rule 5(B).

                (ii) Any Club infringing this Rule and not disbanding before the fixtures have commenced shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £50 per team and shall also be liable for its share of any call which may be made under Rule 5(B).

                (iii) Any Club infringing this Rule and disbanding before the fixtures have commenced cannot be fined but will be liable for their financial commitments prior to disbanding.

                (C)  The Membership for the coming season having been decided at a Special General Meeting held for that purpose not earlier than December 31st nor later than February 15th or at the Annual General Meeting held not later than February 15th

                the Competition shall have the right, irrespective of other provisions in this Rule, to refuse to permit a Club to withdraw its team(s) in order to join another Competition and may hold the Club to its engagements


                (D) In the event of a Member Club which is an un-incorporated association withdrawing and/or disbanding it shall be immediately liable to discharge all its financial and other obligations to the Competition.

                In the event that any such obligation remains undischarged after a period of twenty-one (21) days then such obligation shall be met by the then current Club Members, excluding those under the statutory school leaving age.  Until a Member’s pro rata obligation is discharged in full the Member shall not be allowed to participate in the Competition, which may apply to the Club’s Parent County Association for a suspension order.

               If the debt remains unpaid after eighty-four (84) days the Competition may apply to the Club’s parent County Association for the debt to be recovered in accordance with the FA Football Debt Recovery System. Once the matter has been passed to the Club’s parent County Association the debt can only be cleared by payment to that County Association.




15.          (A) (i) All questions of eligibility, qualifications of players or interpretations of the Rules shall be referred to the Management Committee.

                (ii) Objections relevant to the dimensions of the pitch, goals, flag posts or other facilities of the venue will not be entertained by the Management Committee unless a protest is lodged with the Referee before the commencement of the match.  Any Club lodging such protest and not proceeding with it shall be deemed guilty of a breach of this Rule and shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.

                (B) Except in cases where the Management Committee decide that there are special circumstances, protests and complaints (which must contain full particulars of the grounds upon which they are founded) must be lodged in duplicate with the  Secretary within 3 days (excluding Sundays) of the match or occurrence to which they refer.  A protest or complaint shall not be withdrawn except by permission of the Management Committee.  A Member of the Management Committee who is a member of any Club involved shall not be present (except as a witness or representative of his Club) when such protest or complaint is being determined.

                (C) Any dispute occurring between Clubs in the Competition shall be referred for determination by the Management Committee whose decision shall be binding upon all parties subject to Rule 16.

                (D) No protest of whatever kind shall be considered by the Management Committee unless the complaining Club shall have deposited with the Secretary a sum of £5.  This may be forfeited in whole or in part in the event of the complaining or protesting Club losing its case.  The Competition shall have power to order the defaulting Club or the Club making a losing or frivolous protest or complaint to pay the expenses of the enquiry or to order that the costs to be shared by the parties.           

                (E) All parties to a protest or complaint must receive a copy of the submission and must be afforded an opportunity to make a statement at least 7 days prior to the protest or complaint being heard.

                                      (i) All parties must have received 7 days’ notice of the Hearing should they be instructed to attend.

                                      (ii) Should a Club elect to state its case in person then they should forward a deposit of £5 and indicate such when forwarding the written response.




16.          Within 14 days of the posting of written notification of any decision of the Management Committee or the Competition, a Club, Official or Player against whom action is taken may appeal against such decision by lodging particulars in duplicate with the Secretary of the Manchester Football Association, including a fee £5, for adjudication of a Board of Appeal.  The grounds of appeal shall be in accordance with FA Rules.  The Board of Appeal may order the appeal fee to be forfeited and shall decide by whom the costs of the appeal shall be borne.  The decision of the Board of Appeal is final and binding on all parties concerned.

                No appeal can be lodged against a decision taken at an Annual or Special General Meeting unless this is on the ground of unconstitutional conduct.


17.          (A)  At the Annual General Meeting, or Special General Meeting called for the purpose, Notice of Motion having been duly circulated on the Agenda, the accredited delegates present shall have the power to exclude any Club or Team from further membership which must be supported by (more than) two thirds (2/3) of those present and voting.  Voting on this point shall be conducted by ballot.

                (B) At the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 19, the accredted delegates present shall have the power to exclude from further participation in the Competition any Club whose conduct has, in their opinion, been undesirable, which must be supported by (more than) two-thirds (2/3rds) of those present and voting.  Voting on this point shall be conducted by ballot.  A Club whose conduct is the subject of the vote being taken shall be excluded from voting.

                (C) Any official or member of a Club proved guilty of either a breach of Rule, other than field offences, or of inducing or attempting to induce a player or players of another Club in the Competition to join them shall be liable to expulsion or such penalty as a General Meeting or Management Committee may decide, and their Club shall also be liable to expulsion in accordance with the provisions of Clauses (A) and (B) of this Rule.

                (D) Any Club or Team failing to complete 75% of its fixtures in any season shall (unless the conditions are beyond their control, or the accredited delegates present at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting decide otherwise by a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast) be debarred from membership the following season and be replaced in the current season with immediate effect by a new team who inherits the points and league position.




18.          (A) If a Competition is discontinued for any reason a Trophy or any other presentation shall be returned to the Donor if the conditions attached to it so provide or, if not, dealt with as the sanctioning Association may decide. 


(B)The following agreement shall be signed on behalf of the winners of the Cup or Trophy:-


                “We A_________________ and B______________________, the Chairman and Secretary of ________________________FC, members of and representing the Club, having been declared winners of _____________________Cup or Trophy, and it having been delivered to us by the Competition, do hereby on behalf of the Club jointly and severally agree to return the Cup or Trophy to the Competition Secretary on or before _____________________.  If the Cup or Trophy is lost or damaged whilst under our care we agree to refund to the Competition the amount of its current value or the cost of its thorough repair.”


                Failure to comply will result in a fine as determined by the Management Committee.



19.          Upon receiving a requisition signed by two-thirds of the Clubs in membership the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting.

              The Management Committee may call a Special General Meeting at any time.

                At least seven days notice shall be given of either meeting under this Rule, together with an agenda of the business to be transacted at such meeting.

Each Member Club shall be empowered to send two delegates to all Special General Meetings.  Each Club shall be entitled to one vote only, as will members of the Management Committee.

Any continuing Member Club failing to be represented at a Special General Meeting without satisfactory reason being given may be fined £5.

Officers and Management Committee members shall be entitled to attend and vote at all Special General Meetings.


20.          Alterations for which consent has been given by the sanctioning Association shall be made to these Rules only at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting specially convened for the purpose called in accordance with Rule 19.  Any alteration made during the playing season to the Rule relating to the qualification of players shall not take effect until the following season.

                Notice of proposed alterations to be considered at the Annual General Meeting shall be submitted to the Secretary by February 15th in each year. The proposals, together with any proposals by the Management Committee, shall be circulated to the Clubs by February 22nd and any amendments thereto shall be submitted to the Secretary by March 1st. The proposals and proposed amendments thereto shall be circulated to Clubs with the notice of the Annual General Meeting.  A proposal to change a Rule shall be carried if a majority of those present and entitled to vote are in favour.

                A copy of the proposed alterations to Rules to be considered at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall be submitted to the sanctioning Football Association 7 days prior to the date of the meeting.




21.          (A) The Management Committee shall determine with which bank or other financial

                Institution the funds of the Competition will be lodged.

                (B) All expenditure in excess of £150  shall be approved by the Management Committee. Cheques shall be signed by at least two Officers nominated by the Management Committee.

                (C) The financial year of the Competition will end on October 31st.

                (D) The books, or a certified balance sheet, of a Competition shall be prepared and shall be verified annually by some suitable person(s) who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


22.          All Clubs must have public liability insurance cover of at least 10 million pounds (£10,000,000).

                With effect from the 2013-14 season all Clubs must be members of a Players’ personal accident scheme which meets the minimum criteria set by the sanctioning Association.