Paying fines

The league is affiliated to the Manchester FA and therefore any yellow and/or red cards carry fines which must be paid as soon as possible. The only method of paying fines is by using FA Whole Game online. 
Yellow cards carry a £10-£12 fine.
Red cards can vary and depend on the offence. Can be from £35 upwards.
Two yellow cards leading to a red card carry a 1 match ban.
A straight red card carries a minimum of a 3 match ban... this can be extended depending on the seriousness of the offence.
Bans typically commence 14 days after the offence was committed.
The match referee will submit the caution online using the FA Whole Game system within 5 days of the match. Once this is complete the clubs secretary can log on to pay the fine using the clubs FAN ID and password.
All payments must be made online using the FA Whole Game System which you can access here : FA WHOLE GAME
You will need your FAN ID to log in, therefore only the clubs secretary should be logging in to pay the fine. Individual players cannot log in.

If you are still struggling to use the system please contact the Manchester FA via email : 

Missing payments will lead to increased fines and then suspension which will lead to the deposit being lost and a 3-0 forfeited loss.
Please make all payments as soon as possible.