Match Day Non-Compliance Points

In order to maintain professionalism and ensure that match day's are managed consistently and smoothly there are 5 key rules being introduced which apply to both teams involved on all match days.

Failure to comply to any of these rules will lead to the team being reported by the match facilitator on the match report and the team will be penalised with 1 Non-Compliance Point

When a team accumulates 5 Non-Compliance Points they will be deducted 1 league point from the table, then again at 10 Non-Compliance Points etc...

Match day non-compliance will be marked on the match report by the match facilitator and any team manager recieving non-compliance points should be informed at the final whistle by the match facilitator.

The rules don't ask for much : -  1. Arrive on time.  2. Pay the fee.  3. Wear the kit.  4.Bring two footballs  5. Bring a basic First Aid kit

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 1 - Players to arrive on time. Player arrives after kick off = 1 Point

Players must arrive in good time. A kick off can be delayed by a maximum of 10 minutes at the match facilitators discretion, then the match will kick off with a minimum of 7 players aside. If a player then arrives after the kick off whistle they must first report to the match facilitator who will check they are on the teamsheet. They must then pay the match fee. They are then elegible to play however the team will be penalised with 1 non-compliance point if they play. It is 1 compliance point per late arrival. Heavy traffic, got lost en-route, was waiting for other players, couldn't find kit, etc are not valid excuses for being late. If the other players can all arrive on time then so can the late arrival !

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 2 - Clubs to pay £66 minimum when having less than 11 players. Each less £6 = 1 Point

If a team pays less than £66 when having less than 11 players they will be penalised with 1 non-compliance point for each less £6. The club will owe the difference and must pay it before the next match or they will be penalised again with 1 Non-Compliance Point. It is advisable for managers to carry extra money to cover non-payers. Remember - If a player is not named on the teamsheet he cannot play, if he is named on the teamsheet he must pay. (unless he doesnt show up of course!!)

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 3 - Players on the pitch to wear matching shirts. Players on the pitch not in the team shirt = 1 Point.

The 10 players on the pitch (exlcuding GK) at any one time must be in matching shirts. It is not ok to say it is just matching colours. The shirt must be the same. Shorts can vary. If a player on the pitch is not in the team shirt the team will be penalised with 1 Non-Compliance Point for each player breaking this rule.

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 4 - Each team to bring two footballs to every match. 1 or fewer footballs provided = 1 Point

Each team must bring with them two footballs per match. Ideally these should be the league footballs but any decent quality match standard ball will suffice. If the team only has 1 football or no footballs they will be penalised with 1 compliance point.

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 5 - Each team to bring a basic first aid kit. No first aid kit = 1 point.

Each team must purchase and bring with them a basic first aid kit which must include vaseline and bandages, heat/freeze spray.

Match Day Non Compliance - FAQ's

1. If all the shirts worn on the pitch are the same shirt but some shirts have fading or missing logos will this result in non-compliance?

    - Answer : No. Missing or faded logos does not affect match compliance.

2. Regarding late arrivals, what is a definition of a player who has 'arrived at the facility' ?

    - Answer : The player must have made himself known to the match facilitator that he is there as soon as he arrives. If this is before the kick off whistle then no compliance points are given. Once he has made himself known to the Match Facilitator he can then get changed and pay whilst the match kicks off and play resumes.

3. Whose responsibility is it to ensure the game kicks off on time?

    - It is the Match Facilitators responsibility.

4. If a player arrives 20 minutes late but the match has not kicked off yet are Non-Compliance Points given?

    - No, Non-Compliance is only if a player arrives after the kick off whistle.

5. Do the two match balls both need to be the official league balls provided at season start?

    - No - Match balls can be of any brand but must be of match quality and pumped up to regulation. Match balls must be visible pitchside.