Match Day Non-Compliance Points

In order to maintain professionalism and ensure that match day's are managed consistently and smoothly there are 5 key rules being introduced which apply to both teams involved on all match days.

Failure to comply to any of these rules will lead to the team being reported by the match facilitator on the match report and the team will be penalised with 1 Non-Compliance Point

When a team accumulates 4 Non-Compliance Points they will be deducted 1 league point from the table, then again at 10 Non-Compliance Points etc...

Match day non-compliance will be marked on the match report by the match facilitator and any team manager recieving non-compliance points should be informed at the final whistle by the match facilitator.

The rules don't ask for much : -  1. Pay the £80 fee.  2. Wear the correct kit.  3.Bring two footballs  4. Bring a basic First Aid kit

NON COMPLIANCE RULING 1 :- Teams to pay the £80 match day fee before kick off at every game

NON COMPLIANCE RULING 2 :- All on field players to be wearing the correct kit with numbered shirt. Cannot simply be a different shirt of the same colour

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 3 - Each team to bring two footballs to every match. 1 or fewer footballs provided = 1 Point

Each team must bring with them two footballs per match. Ideally these should be the league footballs but any decent quality match standard ball will suffice. If the team only has 1 football or no footballs they will be penalised with 1 compliance point.

NON-COMPLIANCE RULING 4 - Each team to bring a basic first aid kit. No first aid kit = 1 point.

Each team must purchase and bring with them a basic first aid kit which must include vaseline and bandages, heat/freeze spray.